I live in France and had previously purchased a Zojirushi from a company in Asia, what a mistake! It worked for some days but then it broke down and the company refused to replace or repair, so my money was wasted. I would advise anyone considering buying to buy with confidence from Yum Asia, their warranty is very good and from my past experience it’s important!
- Marie (France) bought a NS-TSQ10
I got my sakura rice cooker today, i am super super happy. the ceramic bowl looks really sturdy and is absolutely perfect. I made my first jasmine rice just about an hour ago and it was super fluffy and nothing stuck to the bottom. Cant wait to use other functions such as porridge, slow cook, and others. Thank you so much yum asia for making this rice cooker with ceramic bowl you guys are fantastic!!!!
- Martin (Sweden) bought a Sakura
I bought one of these for my 3 year old daughter to take to playgroup. It has been fantastic- unbroken so far! It creates a temperature gradient inside so that the soup stays nice and hot at the bottom, the rice insulates the soup, so you can just about get away with dried fruit, bread etc in the top container. The school love it and it's great that the kid is getting a good warm meal before she goes out to School
- John (UK) bought a SL-GF18-CU
I'd been looking for a Zojirushi water heater for so long and had given up hope, then I stumbled across your website. The CSQ30 is everything I hoped it would be, it has a handy timer so I can fill and programme for when I wake up in the morning and I have soon got used to having hot water instantly at the press of a button! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to the UK. Best wishes and thanks again
- S.Clarke (UK) bought a CSQ30
The ordered rice cooker arrived here in Germany. Delivery time was excellent because the rice cooker I ordered Monday noon time arrived already Thursday noon time here. Absolutely outstanding service from you. (5*****) Today we enjoyed rice made with the new cooker. Everything was perfect. (We used before Zojirushi equipment already for 15 years). Thanks again and best regards!
- Uwe (Germany) bought a NS-TSQ10
I decided to buy this model because I was interested in the GABA feature. I'm not sure how much GABA is activated, but the brown rice I've cooked using this setting is absolutely delicious. I can eat it by itself. Definitely the best brown rice I have tasted. The normal brown rice setting doesn't produce as flavorsome rice. Sushi rice is cooked to perfection using the sushi setting.
- A.Campbell (Finland) bought a NS-YSQ10

Zojirushi NS-TSQ10 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker

Zojirushi NS-TSQ10 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker

No.1 Best Seller

Voted best for quality, features and value by our customers. This is our Top Selling Rice Cooker!

Brand: Zojirushi
Product Code: NS-TSQ10
Availability: In Stock
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Instruction Manual for Zojirushi NS-TSQ10 and NS-TSQ18 rice cookersYum Asia warranty details for Zojirushi rice cookers220-240V power for use in UK & Europe. Supplied with a 3-pin UK plug/power cord, the power cord is detachable.


We often get asked questions about the products we sell, here is a selection of the questions which customers most often ask us.


  Does this rice cooker work with UK or European power?

Yes. This rice cooker is factory made for UK and European 220-240v, 50hz power supply.



  What plug/power cord is this product supplied with?

  All the Zojirushi rice cookers we sell are supplied with a 3-pin UK plug. However, if you live in Europe you can easily purchase an adapter plug. Click here for a picture of the power cord. Please note that this product has a detachable power cord so if you prefer you can just change this.


  What accessories are included with this rice cooker?

A measuring cup, spatula, spatula holder, steaming basket and manual are included with this rice cooker.


PLEASE NOTE - the measuring cup is located in the protective polystyrene insert which goes on top of the TSQ10. It is very easy to miss as the measuring cup is clear plastic, a lot of our customers don’t see it in the insert and think it hasn’t been included.


  I don't understand what 5.5 cup capacity means

  The capacity of rice cookers can be confusing, especially because the international standard is to display the capacity in terms of litres of uncooked rice. To make it easy to understand we put this table together: 


 Capacity in cups*

 Capacity in litres/kg

 Number of people

 Translation to cooked rice**

 3 cup

 0.5 litres or 500g

 1-3 people

 1.5 litres or 1.5kg

 5½ cup

 1 litre or 1kg

 1-5 people

 3 litres or 3kg

 10 cup

 1.8 litre or 1.8kg

 1-10 people

 5.4 litres or 5.4kg

* 1 cup = 180ml of uncooked rice
**1kg of uncooked rice = 3kg of cooked rice



  What else can I cook in this rice cooker?

  The NS-TSQ10 has steaming and cake baking functions as well as the same core features you have come to expect from the Zojirushi brand (white, brown, sushi rice, mixed, sweet, porridge settings, a timer function, quick cook and automatic keep warm). There is a steaming basket included as part of the accessories.

The cake baking function produces excellent cakes – cheesecake, chocolate cake and banana cake to name just three!



  What can the steaming function be used for and can I cook rice and steam veg/meat at the same time?

  The steaming feature on the can be used for steaming veg, meat/fish, dumplings – anything really. You can either do this while the rice is cooking or you can use the unit separately as a steamer. If you steam while cooking rice then the maximum amount of rice recommended to cook in the NS-TSQ10 is 2 cups, this is because the rice expanding during the cooking cycle may cause the steaming basket to push the lid open.



  Where is this rice cooker made?

  The Zojirushi rice cookers we sell are either made in dedicated Zojirushi factories in China or Japan. Only Zojirushi products are made in these factories; Zojirushi manufacturing standards are extremely high and the factories have a reputation of excellence with build quality and detailed quality control. The NS-TSQ10 model is made in China



  Is it ok to cook a small amount of rice in this cooker?

  Yes. There isn’t any problem cooking one or two cups of rice in a bigger capacity rice cooker, Zojirushi’s are actually the only brand of rice cooker which can do this successfully – one cup of rice comes out as perfectly as when you cook the full capacity of rice.


  What is the maximum capacity for brown rice in this cooker?

  You can only cook 4 cups of brown rice in a 5.5 cup capacity rice cooker. This is because brown rice absorbs water differently to white rice and expands differently during the cooking process.



  Is the display in English and what language does the manual come in?

  Yes. The display and menu is in English and the supplied manual is also in English. No other language options are available for the manual. To take a look at the NS-TSQ10’s manual, it is available to download further up this page (under the ‘Add to Cart’ button).



  Do you supply spare parts for this rice cooker?

  Yes, we supply spare parts for the NS-TSQ10. These spare parts need to be ordered in advance and can take approximately 8-10 weeks to come in stock. Our prices for spare parts include shipping and the spare parts we supply can be found here.



  Why don't you stock Zojirushi Induction Heating (IH) models?


  Although there are quite a few IH and pressure models for sale which are available for 110v power there is only one 220-240v IH and one 220-240v IH plus pressure equivalent available. After looking at the features of the Induction Heating (IH) models, we believe that it does not offer anything substantially different to the models we currently stock to justify the high price of these cookers, so we have decided at this moment in time not to stock this model.


To give you a little bit of background to our decision, our suppliers have demonstrated both the IH model and the models that we stock, we tasted rice from each model and we honestly couldn't tell the difference between the models. The only difference in the rice cookers we could see was that the IH model has a 'regular, softer, harder' setting for the texture of white rice, which the ZAQ10/18 already has and the GABA brown rice setting which the YSQ10 already has. Other than this, the induction heating method is slightly different electronics (ie the heating element is slightly different).


The IH models actually do their best work with plain rice, they don't cook rice any better than the fuzzy logic models we supply and they also don't cook oatmeal porridge, a feature a lot of our customers are interested in. Induction heating models are still quite expensive (the IH model is around £100 more than the YSQ10 and the IH plus pressure is around £250 more). Induction Heating models are also not as energy efficient as fuzzy logic models - for example, a 5.5 cup fuzzy logic is a 570 - 610W machine whereas the same size Induction model is typically 1200W or more. There are also some issues with power supply and the IH models – what we mean by this is that the electrical frequency cycle has to be exactly right for IH models to work as they use magnets to heat the inner bowl, it’s extremely important that the frequency of the machine and the power supply match.


Most importantly, the IH models for 220-240v power also hasn’t passed any CE safety tests for use in the UK or Europe so it therefore cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe. The only Zojirushi rice cookers we sell are the latest fuzzy logic models.


Easy to see features of Zojirushi NS-TSQ10 rice cooker

  • 220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug
  • 5½ cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-5 people
  • White, sushi, porridge, sweet and brown rice settings
  • Cake baking function
  • Steam function
  • High quality non-stick inner pan
  • Keep warm, extended keep warm and reheat function
  • Low energy LCD display with clock and timer feature (for up to 13 hours in advance)
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Steam basket
  • Detachable power cord
  • Comparison of all rice cookers


Producing restaurant-quality rice at home is made easy with this 5.5-cup (enough to feed 1-5 people) Zojirushi NS-TSQ10* micom fuzzy logic electric rice cooker and warmer.

This is a medium capacity cooker with an attractive, unique design of a durable clear-coated stainless steel and dark brown/black exterior. It will cook rice for 1 person just as well as rice for 5 people!

The NS-TSQ10 features an additional setting of a steaming function. This cooker is designed to be used on 220-240v, 50hz power and has a UK three pin plug.

The NS-TSQ10 has multi-menu selections which uses Micom (micro-computerised) Fuzzy logic technology to control the temperature for the efficient cooking of many different types of rice including white, sushi, porridge and brown rice. There is also a quick cooking feature on this model. The micro computer chip inside the NS-TSQ10 automatically makes adjustments to temperature and heating time - it ensures perfect rice every time. This is what we call the 'yum factor'.

The Zojirushi NS-TSQ10 has an automatic keep-warm function which keeps rice at an ideal serving temperature until it's ready to be served. There is a countdown feature during the cooking cycle and when the rice is cooked a tune is played and the cooker automatically shifts to keep warm mode. For added convenience, the NS-TSQ10 has an extra-large LCD display with clock and timer function (for up to 13 hours in advance), a spherical inner non-stick, heavy duty cooking pan and heating system and a convenient detachable inner lid for easy cleaning.

Accessories include a steaming basket, measuring cup, non-stick rice spatula and spatula holder.

*Note that the US (110v) equivalent of this model is the NS-TSC10 and it will NOT work with UK/European/Australian power




Product Specifications
Capacity 5½ cup capacity of uncooked rice (0.09 - 1.00 litres) enough for 1-5 people
Design Attractive stainless steel/dark grey trim
Power 220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug, 570-610W
Accessories Steaming basket, measuring cup, non-stick spatula, manual in English with recipes included
White rice cooking time Takes between 40-60 minutes to cook perfect white rice
'Quick' cooking time Takes around 29-40 minutes to cook perfect white rice on the 'Quick Cook' feature
Brown rice cooking time Takes between 85-110 minutes to cook perfect brown rice
Cake cooking time Takes around 45-60 minutes to cook cake on the cake baking feature
Dimensions (L x W x D) 35.50cm x 25.50cm x 21.50cm
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I purchased the NS-TSQ10 7 months ago with the precious help of the online chat assistant . I use this machine every single day since then and I cooked mainly brown basmati rice, and occasionally Jasmine Thai rice or quinoa grains. This ricer makes perfect rice every time. It's reliable and does consume minimal electricity. I use mainly the "porridge" program to cook the brown basmati rice and optionally let it rest in Keep warm mode for additional 30min. the result is a delicious soft brow rice. I also cook quinoa grains with it and the result is perfect and here is how: quinoa and water volumes should be set exactly like white rice recommendations, select the Cake program then adjuste time to 15-20min. I can proudly recommend this rice cooker to everyone.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Ordered on Friday 3rd March, received on Wednesday 8th in France. Perfect delivery with easy tracking. Very impressed by the quality of this NS-TSQ10. The user manuel is very easy to understand even for someone with a very low english level. You just need to add a UK/EU adapter which is easy to find. And tomorrow my first use, I'll let you know. I recommend Yum Asia for the quality of the service.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I had a hard time chosing which model I wanted, but decided on the NS-TSQ10 for the stainless steel finish and the steaming and cake. I have had it for 3 months now and it has changed my diet completely. I am saving so much money because I'm not ordering takeaways and I love that I can have the rice ready on the timer.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Was torn between this and YumAsias own offering as I'd been assured there wasn't much if any difference, however I went for the more expensive due to the fact it's so well supported and reviewed elsewhere. Bit put off by the fact there was a grain of brown rice attached to the underside of the rice cooker which made me think it may have been used before - but everything seemed to have the correct packaging and clean otherwise - bit off but there you go. Everything works as promised - made brown rice which was just as fluffy as I'd been led to believe with no hassle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Reply from Yum Asia: Hi Tim, Thank you for the great review. Please be assured that all rice cookers are completely brand new. If you had a grain of rice stuck to the bottom of the cooker then it may be possible that it was from your kitchen?)
5 ( 5 / 5 )
The difference between the rice cooked in the Zojirushi and my previous cooker is immediately very obvious. Light, soft and tasty but without being at all 'stodgy'. It may take a little trial and error with water quantities to get a perfect result for your tastes but it is worth the effort. Whether you use basmati, brown rice or japanese rice the results are equally impressive. The keep warm function seems not to have any downsides in quality of the rice, which makes this TSQ10 a revelation as far as timing the cooking of a meal is concerned. It is extremely easy to recommend to any potential purchasers, who may initially have second thoughts due to the price. I consider it a bargain. As far as my dealings with Yumasia are concerned, this company has exceeded my expectations at every turn. Communication is excellent, as is the speed of response and helpful advice. I cannot praise them highly enough.

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