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A Good Place To Start Learning About The Yum Asia Award Winning Trio Of Rice Cookers And Zojirushi
More than just rice

Why Choose Our Award Winning Products?

The Yum Asia brand of products was launched with our Sakura model in 2016. Since then our products rapidly gained high praise from many gadget, technology, newspapers, magazine and acclaimed review bodies. Our products are backed up by an equally well reviewed pre and post sales service with unparalleled support to our customers. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we use the best materials, construction and design processes to produce products that work exactly as intended and stand the test of time. Our aim being to provide competitively priced premium award winning rice cookers with features not commonly found on other cookers such as , YUMCARB, Yumami, GABA, Modern displays and healthy ceramic coated inner bowls.