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About Yum Asia

We love Asian food but we found that the biggest problem is that we couldn't replicate the perfect rice we found when we were in restaurants! No matter how hard we tried, rice cooked in a saucepan just wasn't the same. After some really disasterous purchases of non-fuzzy logic rice cookers, which rather than cooking the perfect rice we were looking for, just spat out starchy water all over our kitchen worktop, we bought a Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker and it changed the way we cook completely.


Yum Asia was established in 2006 and has since maintained high service standards and established the following beliefs:


  • Friendly and Professional Service - What ever you want to ask, don't be shy, ask away! We don't mind - we are happy to help. We aim to answer all e-mail enquiries speedily with as much information that you will need to make your decision. We give a personal touch to our service and offer pre and post sales support. We have a lot of knowledge about rice cookers, water heaters and cooking rice and Asian food, so we are happy to share this with our customers.


  • We sell only the highest quality rice cookers - Yum Asia has built a solid reputation for excellent products and customer service since we started trading in 2006. We rapidly became the ‘go-to’ online store for premium rice cookers and knowledge that goes with using them. We launched our trio of rice cookers recently to provide competitively priced premium rice cookers with features not commonly found on other cookers such as Yumami, GABA, Modern displays and healthy ceramic coated inner bowls. The Zojirushi brand is synonymous with high quality, stylish design and cutting edge technology. We have such confidence in our own brand and the Zojirushi brand that we offer a free comprehensive 1 year guarantee on all the products we sell for your peace of mind when making your purchase.


  • Value For Money - We keep our purchasing costs low and yet still choose the best product range so that you can experience the best hi-tech appliances that money can buy in the UK and Europe. We supply Zojirushi products and our own designed and branded rice cookers as they are the gold standard of rice cookers and water heaters, they are manufactured to high quality standards which other cheaper brands cannot compete with for build quality, functionality and longevity.


  • No-Nonsense Selling! - We don't hide our costs. We make sure our products features are clearly listed and not ambiguous. We have a clear-cut sales service. We do all of this because we hate nonsense and ambiguity associated with some web sellers.