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Bamboo Induction Heating IH Ceramic Rice Cooker Champagne Rose (YUM-IH15)

Easy to see features of Bamboo by Yum Asia

  • 'Best all rounder and Star Buy' awarded by BBC Good Food 2019
  • 'Best Rice Cooker 2019' awarded by T3
  • 'Ideal Home Approved Product'
  • ‘Best Multi-function rice cooker’ by Expert Reviews
  • 220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50)
  • 8 cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-8 people
  • ‘Umai’ (Smart Brain) Induction Heating (IH) technology
  • White/long grain, short grain (for sushi) and brown rice settings
  • ‘Yumami’ (umami extra taste) and GABA brown settings
  • Useful multi-cooker features - steam, porridge, slow cook, cake baking and crust (tahdig) settings
  • High quality 5 layer 3mm thick ‘Joubu’ ceramic coated inner bowl with easy lift handles
  • 24 hours keep warm function and 24 hours timer feature
  • State of the art Korean designed 'Motouch' control panel
  • White Rose colour bright LED display
  • Stylish Champagne Rose metallic effect finish exterior with black accented diamond pattern lid
  • 3D heating technology
  • Detachable inner lid, outer steam cap and condensation collector for easy cleaning
  • Steam basket, measuring cup, spatula and soup ladle included
  • Detachable power cord


What Makes Bamboo Special

Bamboo is an award winning rice cooker - 'Best Rice Cooker 2019' awarded by T3, 'Best all rounder and star buy 2019' awarded by BBC Good Food and is an 'Ideal Home Approved Product'

Here at Yum Asia we are rice cooker experts and have worked with Japanese rice cooking technologies, learned exactly how they work and their best and most useful features. Bamboo is our most premium, high-end rice cooker – it’s ideal for the growing family or people who just love eating rice! Bamboo is the very first Induction Heating rice cooker for the UK and Europe and it has some unique and special rice cooking functions that are sure to please any rice lover and will give professional, restaurant quality rice. 

Bamboo uses our ‘Umai IH’ (or smart brain) to control it's advanced magnetic coil heating system that ensures perfect cooking every can cook long grain, short grain (including sushi and glutinous rice), brown rice (short or long grain). Bamboo doesn’t just cook perfect rice, it cooks other grains like quinoa, cous cous, millet and pearl barley perfectly too. The add on functions include porridge that can be used for rice porridge or oat porridge, slow cook, steam (steam basket included), cake baking and crust (for Persian Tahdig).

Bamboo has a unique rice cooking feature for any type of white rice – ‘Yumami’ which was designed and developed by Yum Asia. This is a specific cooking cycle with different temperatures, it releases sugars contained in the rice to heighten the 'Umami' taste sense of the tongue and this phased rice cooking is said to make the rice tasted sweeter and 'moreish', hence the name 'Yumami'.

Bamboo also features a setting for GABA brown. This GABA setting soaks and ‘activates’ any type of brown rice to release the gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA in the brown rice and multiplies the rice nutrient value.

We often get questions about Zojirushi Induction Heating (IH) models like the US power models NP-NVC10/18, NP-HCC10/18 and NP-GBC05. There are only a couple of IH models made for 220-240v power and we have no plans to supply these because they haven’t passed any CE safety tests for use in the UK or Europe; therefore they cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe. The Zojirushi IH models would also very, very expensive to purchase (£550 upwards) for customers.

Award Winning Brand In The Following Featured Publications



Bamboo’s Features And Functions

fuzzy logic robot

Bamboo is an Induction Heating rice cooker. We call our IH system ‘Umai IH’ (or smart brain) because it’s a highly advanced Induction Heating element with a fuzzy logic brain that ensures perfect cooking whatever you are cooking.

Rice bowl

Bamboo is a master of rice cooking. The ‘Umai IH’ controls the temperature for the efficient cooking of many different types of rice. Bamboo has 7 rice cooking options – white long grain, white short grain, brown rice, Yumami (umami extra taste), GABA brown, crust (for Persian Tahdig rice) and quick cook. We have included some useful add-on features like steaming (there is an included steam basket), slow cook (which can be used for casseroles/stews or joints of meat), cake baking and porridge (oat or rice porridge).


Bamboo has a unique rice cooking feature for any type of white rice – ‘Yumami’ which was designed and developed by Yum Asia. This is a specific cooking cycle with different temperatures, it releases sugars contained in the rice to heighten the 'Umami' taste sense of the tongue and this phased rice cooking is said to make the rice tasted sweeter and 'moreish', hence the name 'Yumami'.


Bamboo also features a setting for GABA brown. This GABA setting soaks and ‘activates’ any type of brown rice to release the gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA in the brown rice.

Keep Warm

Bamboo has a 24 hours automatic keep warm - it keeps rice at an ideal serving temperature until it's ready to be served. There is a countdown indicator during the cooking cycle and when the rice is cooked a beep sounds and the cooker automatically shifts to keep warm mode. For added convenience, there is a pre-set time function which can be set up to 24 hours in advance, so you can have delicious rice ready for when you come in from work or nice, steaming hot porridge waiting on a cold winter's morning.

MoTouch At Yum Asia we don't just design our premium rice cookers to just cook rice perfectly, we also design them to look stylish and modern in your kitchen. For Bamboo, we chose this contemporary champagne rose metal effect exterior accented by a black lid with our unique diamond pattern. This is complemented by our white rose LED display and advance Korean Motouch control not only for reasons of hygiene but to keep fingerprints to a minimum and to give an easy clean exterior appearance.

We have designed every aspect of Bamboo with our customers in mind; we were tired of customers telling us that their rice cooker inner bowls would often disintegrate or become unstable. We designed the hard-wearing ‘Joubu’ 3mm thick ceramic coated inner bowl (BPA-free and PTFE free) with bowl markings for long grain, short grain, brown and rice porridge. It has easy lift handles and is very easy to clean. The inner lid, steam cap and condensation collector are all removable for easy cleaning. 


Bamboo’s ‘Umai IH’ means that the rice is cooked evenly and fast; magnetic coils within the bottom of the rice cooker create a magnetic field so when the ‘Joubu’ 3mm thick ceramic coated inner bowl is placed into the rice cooker and the unit is activated, that magnetic field creates instant heat. Through this technology, the inner cooking pan itself, rather than the heating element, becomes the heat source utilising both high heat and fine heat adjustments to control the cooking process.


With your Bamboo you will receive a rice measuring cup for convenient rice measurements to cook just the amount of rice you need. You get a rice spatula with dimpled surface to help with rice service and a soup ladle, a steaming basket is included which is perfect for steaming vegetables and other foods. We also provide a 3 pin UK power cord and you can opt for an EU power cord at checkout for a small fee.

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What Is Yumami?

Bamboo has a uniquely designed setting to bring extra flavour to your cooked rice by activating umami. The Yumami cooking setting pre-heats, soaks, cooks and steams the rice at several points in the cooking cycle to ensure your rice is not only cooked perfectly, but also has the most flavour and umami taste.


Science of Yumami

What Is GABA?

Bamboo has a uniquely designed setting to germinate (activate) brown rice - this is known as GABA brown rice. The GABA brown setting soaks any brown rice at a specific temperature for a set time which is proven to activate the brown rice and transform it into GABA brown rice. The result is a brown rice with an enhanced, nutty flavour with added nutrients and texture.


GABA explainer

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Product Specifications
Capacity 8-cup capacity of uncooked rice (0.09 - 1.5 litres) enough for 1-8 people
Design Attractive luxurious champagne rose colour - Japanese styling
Power 220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug, 1110W
Accessories Steaming basket, measuring cup, non-stick spatula, soup ladle, manual in English with recipes included
White rice cooking time Takes approx. 35 minutes to cook perfect white rice
'Quick' cooking time Takes around 26 minutes to cook perfect white rice on the 'Quick Cook' feature
Brown rice cooking time Takes 62 minutes to cook perfect brown rice
Short grain rice cooking time Takes around 40 minutes to cook perfect short grainwhite rice on the 'short grain' feature
'Yumami' (umami extra taste) cooking time Takes around 66 minutes (1hr 6mins) to cook perfect white rice on the 'Yumami' feature
GABA brown rice cooking time Takes around 145 minutes (2hr 25mins) to cook perfect GABA brown rice on the 'GABA' feature
Dimensions (L x W x D) 37cm x 27cm x 24cm
Multi-cooker features
Steam timings Adjustable cooking time of 10-60 minutes. See manual for specific food timings
Porridge cooking time Adjustable cooking time of 1-3 hours
Slow cook time Adjustable cooking time of 2-8 hours
Cake baking time Adjustable cooking time of 30-90 minutes
Crust (Tahdig) cooking time Adjustable cooking time of 1-2 hours

We often get asked questions about the products we sell, here is a selection of the questions which you may have about Sakura by Yum Asia.


What is Bamboo by Yum Asia?

Bamboo is Yum Asia's second rice cooker. Yum Asia has been the home of Zojirushi in the UK and Europe for over 10 years and we launched our first own brand rice cooker, Sakura, in December 2016. Sakura is now our best selling rice cooker, so we decided to expand our own brand and launch a completely unique and innovative rice cooker. We have always had questions about Induction Heating (IH) models; as well as being very expensive, Zojirushi models have not passed CE Certification so cannot be supplied legally in the UK and Europe. We therefore decided to develop Bamboo, our own IH rice cooker and have included some very unique functions which we personally developed, designed and tested.


What voltage is Bamboo and what plug is it supplied with?

Bamboo is a 220-240v rice cooker, it is factory made for UK and European power.

All the rice cookers we sell are supplied with a 3-pin UK plug. However, if you live in Europe you can opt to add a 2 pin EU plug for £2.50 extra – select using the available options before adding to cart.


What is Induction Heating?

The heating method known as Induction Heating (IH) occurs when a magnetic material is placed in a magnetic field. For example, coils within the bottom of the rice cooker create the magnetic field. When the inner bowl is placed into the rice cooker and the unit is activated, a magnetic field is generated to create instant heat. Through this technology, the inner cooking pan itself rather than the heating element becomes the heat source utilizing both high heat and fine heat adjustments to control the cooking process.


Induction Heating rice cookers cook the rice more evenly and faster than a rice cooker that only has fuzzy logic. This results in a better texture and more flavourful rice.


Bamboo also has a Micom Fuzzy Logic computer chip which is the 'brain' - it helps the rice cooker to automatically make adjustments in temperature and cooking time depending upon the programme entered by the user.


This 'brain' makes the cooking of rice foolproof - instead of the cooker simply switching on and off reacting to temperature, the rice cooker now makes small adjustments in temperature and cooking time according to what the thermal sensor senses. This fuzzy logic computer chip means you can also have different programmes for the rice cooker which include cooking white, long grain, short grain, brown rice, Yumami, GABA and porridge (both rice and oat varieties of porridge).


What accessories are included with Bamboo?

A measuring cup, spatula, soup ladle, steaming basket and manual are included with this rice cooker.


I don't understand the capacity 

Bamboo has two different types of capacity. It is a 1.5 litres, 8 cup rice cooker or 4 litres multi-cooker.


Let's take the first two capacities - 1.5 litres or 8 cup. Rice cooker capacities are always referred to in litres or cups. Sakura is a 1.5 litres capacity rice cooker and it can therefore cook 8 cups of uncooked white rice or 6 cups of uncooked brown rice - each cup is 180ml/g. So, if you want to cook 1 cup of white rice, that would be 180g or if you want to cook the full capacity of 8 cups, that would be 1.4kg of uncooked rice.


The third capacity of 4 litres refers to Sakura's multi-cooking capacity. This means that the inner bowl can hold a maximum of 4 litres of liquid.


What types of rice can I cook in Bamboo?

We designed Bamboo to primarily be a rice cooker and it cooks different types of rice perfectly. Bamboo has 7 different options for cooking rice:


  1. ‘WHITE’ setting is for cooking long grain white rice (for example,  basmati, jasmine or Thai fragrant rice)
  2. ‘QUICK COOK’ setting is for when you want the rice completed a little faster.
  3. ‘SHORT GRAIN’ setting can be used for any type of short grain rice like pearl, sushi or Thai sticky/glutinous rice.
  4. ‘BROWN RICE’ setting can be used for any type of brown rice (short or long grain).
  5. 'GABA' setting makes it easier to cook GABA brown rice - usually it involves soaking rice for up to 3 days at a temperature of 30-40° celcius, with numerous water changes. When you select the GABA brown setting on Bamboo, the brown rice will begin activating through a carefully designed soaking period, after which it will start the cooking process automatically. The full cooking time is longer at 2 hours 40 minutes (including the additional activation period)
  6. 'YUMAMI' setting is for any type of white rice. This is a specific cooking cycle with different temperatures, it releases sugars contained in the rice and this phased rice cooking is said to make the rice tasted sweeter and 'moreish', hence the name 'Yumami'.
  7. 'CRUST' setting is for cooking Persian style 'Tahdig' rice.


How does Bamboo cook the rice, is it boiled?

No, Bamboo does not simply boil the rice. As it is an Induction Heating rice cooker with a micom fuzzy logic chip, is designed to cook rice using 7 distinct phases to produce perfect rice every time and to carefully retain nutrients. These phases are Preheat, Absorb water, Heating, Boiling, Braising, Absorb water and then finally Keep warm (in this order). This phased cooking and adjustments in temperature are what produces perfect rice every time.


What add-on functions are there on Bamboo and are they any good?

As well as being a fantastic rice cooker, we hand chose the add-on multi-cooker features of Bamboo ourselves based on customer feedback we have received over the last 10 years.


The add-on functions we chose are:


Porridge (for rice or oat porridge), Steam, Slow cook, Crust (for Persian Tahdig style rice) and Cake baking.


We have extensively tested each function with excellent results. You can cook soups, casseroles, whole joints of meat, delicious cakes, steam any kind of food and much more in Bamboo with amazing results.


Where is Bamboo made?

Bamboo is manufactured in dedicated Chinese factories which also make premium brand rice cookers like Cuckoo, Cuchen and Tiger brands. Our factory conforms to the highest international standards and has comprehensive quality control and manufacturing procedures which we have had independently inspected.


Is it ok to cook a small amount of rice in this cooker?

Yes. There isn’t any problem cooking one or two cups of rice in a bigger capacity rice cooker, we made sure that Bamboo can do this successfully – one cup of rice comes out as perfectly as when you cook the full 8 cup capacity of rice.


What is the maximum capacity for brown rice in Bamboo?

You can only cook 6 cups of brown rice in a 8 cup capacity rice cooker. This is because brown rice absorbs water differently to white rice and expands differently during the cooking process.



Is the display in English and what language does the manual come in?

Yes. The display and menu is in English and the supplied manual is also in English. No other language options are available for the manual. To take a look at Bamboo’s manual, it is available to download further up this page (under the ‘Add to Cart’ button).



Do you supply spare parts for this rice cooker?

Yes, we supply spare parts for Bamboo. We usually have these in stock to purchase direct on our site. Please visit our Spare Parts page for further information


What is the inner bowl made from?

In our years of selling Zojirushi rice cookers, we realised that all of rice cookers on the market in the UK and Europe only had teflon/similar non-stick material inner bowls and were quite thin.


Based on a lot of customer queries and opinions, we took the decision to supply an inner bowl with a premium and durable thick ceramic coating. The inner bowl for an IH has to be made in a special way with different layers to conduct the heat correctly and is 3mm thick. We have ensured it is BPA-free and PTFE-free and is hard wearing. The inner bowl also has easy lift handles.


I have never seen this kind of display - what is it?

Bamboo's display is unique and easy to use. It is a state of the art Korean designed 'Motouch' control panel with a rose white LED display which is super-sharp and bright. Unlike other rice cookers, the control panel doesn't have any buttons, the 'Motouch' is pressure/touch sensitive and detects your finger when you place it on an icon.


What is the outer casing on Bamboo made from?

Bamboo is a stylish Asian design and is made from the best quality hard wearing thermoplastic polymer. It is easy to clean, very durable and hygenic.


How long can I keep Bamboo on ‘keep warm’?

Bamboo has a unique 24 hours keep warm cycle, so it means you can cook one big batch of rice which can keep feeding your family for longer! The keep warm feature keeps rice at an ideal serving temperature until it's ready to be served and there is a handy count-up on the display so you know how long the rice has been left on keep warm.


Does Bamboo have a timer?

Yes, Bamboo has a pre-set timer feature. You can set this for up to 24 hours in advance, so you can have yummy rice ready for you when you get in from work or lovely hot porridge on a cold, winters day ready for breakfast!


How is the inner bowl heated?

Bamboo is an Induction Heating rice cooker - this means there are magnets inside the unit which heat the spherical inner bowl to cook the rice. This means that the heat is dispersed around the bowl which ensures the even cooking of rice and other dishes with a superior keep warm technology.


How does Bamboo compare to other rice cooker brands?

After launching our Sakura rice cooker, we spent many months thinking about and designing a rice cooker with functions that were most appealing to people that love Asian food with the core emphasis being based around cooking great tasting rice. We decided that the cooker would not only have to function extremely well but look great and have superior reliability. Every part of the cooker from the display panel, moulded materials, inner bowl, packaging and instruction manual was designed with meticulous detail to ensure that customers would get the very best value for their money.


The factory we chose to manufacture Bamboo also manufacturers highly thought of brands like Cuckoo, Cuchen and Tiger.


We have extensively tested Bamboo and we conducted blind taste tests with the Yum Asia team and we are all in agreement that Bamboo produces rice which is full of flavour, texture and will not disappoint.

A 1st In The UK and EU
What Is UMAI Induction Heating (IH)?

Premium heating for perfect even cooking 

Bamboo is the first Induction Heating rice cooker made for the UK and Europe. Exclusive to Yum Asia’s Bamboo rice cooker model is Umai Induction Heating (IH). Induction Heating in rice cookers occurs when coils in the bottom of the unit create a magnetic field that specifically heats up the inner bowl and contents. The coil technology means that the rice grains are agitated differently to conventional rice cookers by creating a current swirl in the bowl during heating. This gives a more even cooking effect so every grain is cooked correctly.

‘Umai’ in Japanese means smart brain which refers to the microprocessor used to make fine adjustments in temperature and cooking times. This multi phased cooking allows for tailored cook cycles for each type of rice you are cooking, whether it is sushi or basmati, brown or nishiki. It also allows us to introduce GABA and Yumami cook functions (see more by clicking the tabs above). Because our Umai IH sytem is so smart (and combines IH with advanced fuzzy logic), it makes our Bamboo IH rice cooker more efficient, this means your rice is absolutely perfect every single time and it is cooked faster than other IH rice cookers.

Perfect Rice At The Touch Of A Button

Example Of A Typical White Rice Cook In Our Premium Rice Cookers 

1. Take your favourite brand of rice and measure how many cups of rice you want to make into your provided measuring cup.

2. Rinse your rice (if needed) by putting the rice into a sieve and running water through it. Place into the inner bowl of your rice cooker.

3. Fill up the inner bowl of your rice cooker with water to the corresponding white rice cup line. Depending on how sticky or dry you want your rice you can make very small adjustments in water level here. 

4. Close the lid, select the white rice function on the display and press start. The rice cooker will then prepare delicious rice automatically and beep or play a tune to let you know when your rice is ready. To keep your rice at the correct temperature the cooker will auto switch to keep warm in case you are running a bit late!

EASY AS 1, 2, 3....
Take the stress out of cooking rice
Measure Your Favourite Rice
Smart brain technology calculates water to rice ratios and phased cooking times
Place Rice Into Bowl (Rinse only if needed)
Not all rice needs rinsing.
Fill Bowl With Water
Fill water to the level line for the number of rice cups you are cooking
Close Lid And Press Start
Our rice cookers are contained units which seal in the water
Switches To Keep Warm When Complete
Hot fluffy rice for when you are ready to eat