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Finding The Correct Rice Cooker For Your Needs Is No Easy Task. Luckily Our Yum Guide Will Help You Through The Decision Process
220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 3.5 cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-3 people Advanced fuzzy..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 3-cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-3 people White, sushi, porridg..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 3-cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-3 people Short grain (white ri..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 5½ cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-5 people White, sushi, porrid..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 5½ cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-5 people White, sushi, porrid..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 5½-cup capacity - enough for 1-5 people White, sushi, brown, and sweet Thic..
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Bamboo Induction Heating IH Ceramic Rice Cooker Champagne Rose (YUM-IH15) Bamboo Induction Heating IH Ceramic Rice Cooker Champagne Rose (YUM-IH15)
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'Best all rounder and Star Buy' awarded by BBC Good Food 2019 'Best Rice Cooker 2019' awarded by T3 'Ideal Home Approved Product' 220..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 10-cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-10 people White, sushi, porri..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 10 cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-10 people White, sushi, porri..
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220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50) 10-cup capacity - enough for 1-10 people White, sushi, brown, and sweet rice ..
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Here To help

What Are Modern Rice Cookers?

Going way back in time, the very old way of cooking rice would be a fire with some kind of clay pot that would boil the rice. Until recently a similar method has been used except the fire has been replaced by a basic heating element and the clay pot has been replaced with a basic non stick inner bowl. These are what we call very basic rice cookers They usually have a loose glass lid too and a very basic on/off switch.

The more premium rice cookers which we sell are a lot more advanced using a heating method that is not just a basic boil, a clever brain (fuzzy logic) that calculates the correct amount of heat and type of heat applied to the rice, sensors in the unit, timer functions and a whole range of other features that not only make your rice taste amazing but make everything easier and more versatile too! Our Bamboo rice cooker also utilises Induction Heating (IH) and has an advanced UMAI fuzzy logic processor.

Yum Asia Trio panda sakura bamboo


Glass lid or jar type with simple on/off button
No Fuzzy Logic
They operate like a pan
Spit Starchy Water
No condensation collection
Overly Wet Rice
Inaccurate water level balancing
Poor Inner Bowls
Basic non-stick bowl
Boils Only
No Phased Cooking
No Timers
No presetting/ No keep warm
Hard To Clean
Parts don't come apart for easy cleaning
We only sell these!
Advanced Fuzzy Logic
Smart brain technology calculates water to rice ratios and phased cooking times
No Water Spillage
Our rice cookers are contained units which seal in the water
Multi Phased Cooking
Not just boiling but steaming, braising etc
High Quality Inner Bowls
Durable bowls with ceramic layer (Yum Asia brand) and sumiflon (Zojirushi)
Modern Appearance
They look great with modern LED displays and control panels
24 Hour Timer Functions
Up to 24 hours advanced preset timers and keep warm
Easy To Clean
Parts disassemble and easy wipe body
Perfect Rice At The Touch Of A Button

Example Of A Typical White Rice Cook In Our Premium Rice Cookers 

1. Take your favourite brand of rice and measure how many cups of rice you want to make into your provided measuring cup.

2. Rinse your rice (if needed) by putting the rice into a sieve and running water through it. Place into the inner bowl of your rice cooker.

3. Fill up the inner bowl of your rice cooker with water to the corresponding white rice cup line. Depending on how sticky or dry you want your rice you can make very small adjustments in water level here. 

4. Close the lid, select the white rice function on the display and press start. The rice cooker will then prepare delicious rice automatically and beep or play a tune to let you know when your rice is ready. To keep your rice at the correct temperature the cooker will auto switch to keep warm in case you are running a bit late!

EASY AS 1, 2, 3....
Take the stress out of cooking rice
Measure Your Favourite Rice
Smart brain technology calculates water to rice ratios and phased cooking times
Place Rice Into Bowl (Rinse only if needed)
Not all rice needs rinsing.
Fill Bowl With Water
Fill water to the level line for the number of rice cups you are cooking
Close Lid And Press Start
Our rice cookers are contained units which seal in the water
Switches To Keep Warm When Complete
Hot fluffy rice for when you are ready to eat
Start Here!
1. What Size Of Rice Cooker Do You Need?

Think about how much you eat and how many people you will be cooking for

How Hungry For Rice Do You Get?

The first thing to consider is the size of the rice cooker you need. Rice cookers come in different sizes, these sizes are usually termed in cup sizes or litres. Yum Asia sells 4 different sized rice cookers – 3 cup (0.5 litre), 5.5 cup (1 litre), 8 cup (1.5 litre) and 10 cup (1.8 litre). All of these maximum capacities are for uncooked white rice, brown rice capacity is lower due to the fact it cooks/expands differently to white rice.

Broadly speaking, the cup size of a rice cooker corresponds to how many people you are cooking for, however, it also depends on how much rice you usually cook per person. So, the measuring cup provided with rice cookers is 180ml/180g ...remembering that 1ml=1g. These maximum capacities shown below should help you work out which rice cooker is the better option for you. The volumes show uncooked rice amounts You also need to consider if you are going to be entertaining people or wanting to cook extra for lunches, if so, you should factor this into the size you want to buy.

rice cooker capacities sizes yum asia zojirushi

Time To Start Thinking!
2. What Rice Cooking Functions Do You Want?

Rice Cookers can handle a lot but some have more functions than others

Think About What Rice Functions You Need

It’s always useful to know what features you would like in a rice cooker. Some you may need more than others. Most of the rice cookers we sell have functions in common. These are white rice, brown rice, sweet rice (for sticky/glutinous rice), quick cook, porridge, timer, keep warm and extended keep warm. By thinking about what rice functions you would use, it will help you make your decision. One thing to note is that not every model will have all of the features you want, so you may need to make a choice between what functions are most important for you.

White Rice

White rice can be short or long grain, fluffy and separate or sticky so you can eat it with chopsticks and depending on what type of white rice you are cooking would depend on what setting you would use on a rice cooker.

Long Grain White Rice

Long grain rice is roughly four times as long as it is wide and includes varieties such as white basmati and jasmine rice. If your rice cooker doesn’t have a long grain setting, then the ‘white’ setting should be used along with the water levels for ‘white’ on the inner bowl.

Short Grain White Rice

Short grain rice is short and plump and can include sushi rice, pearl rice and Thai sticky/glutinous rice. In rice cookers without a short grain setting, it should be cooked on the ‘white’ setting, however, some rice cookers like PandaSakuraBamboo and the NS-YSQ10/18 have a dedicated short grain setting.

‘Yumami’ (extra tasty) and ‘Premium Taste’ Setting

Bamboo has a setting called ‘Yumami’ for any type of white rice. It brings out the ‘umami’ taste, the rice is cooked in a different way (using a specially designed soaking and steaming cooking cycle) which makes the rice taste sweeter and moreish – it really does make a difference to the taste. We have further information on this setting on our Yum Factor page.The NS-YSQ10/18 also has a similar setting for white rice – ‘premium taste’ setting. 

Brown Rice

Now moving on to brown rice – this can also be short or long grain but the overriding factor is, that it’s brown rice, so it needs more cooking no matter the length of the grain so you should always use the ‘brown’ setting on a rice cooker. The cooking cycles for brown rice do take longer – this is because of two factors, first there is more bran on the outside of the rice grain, so it takes longer to cook and second because there is more water involved during the cooking cycle and it takes longer to evaporate.

GABA’ Brown Setting

Bamboo has an additional setting for brown rice – ‘GABA brown’ setting. This pre-soaks the rice at a specific temperature to sprout or ‘activate’ the rice. It’s said to release GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). We have further information about GABA brown rice and it’s benefits on our Yum Factor page. The YSQ10/18 also has this feature but the cooking time in Bamboo is shorted due to the Umai Induction Heating method of cooking the rice. Black and red rice should also be cooked on the ‘brown’ setting as, like brown rice, there is more bran on the grain and so they need additional cooking time which the brown rice setting allows.

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Extras That Perfectly Use Rice Cooker Technology
3. What Add-On Functions Would You Like To Have?

Rice Cookers can do more than just cook rice

Our Cookers Do More Than Just Rice!
Other grains

Other grains such as quinoa, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, cous cous and many more can be cooked in a rice cooker. We can offer further advice on this, it’s a case of experimenting with water levels and settings to get the results you like.

Steam Setting

Some rice cookers like BambooSakura, Panda, the NS-TSQ10/18, the NL-AAQ10/18 have steaming setting and baskets included. This is very useful for creating full meals in the one appliance, you can steam veg, meat, fish, dumplings while you are cooking rice. You can even use the steam setting as a stand-alone steamer.

Cake Baking 

There are then some very unexpected settings on rice cookers – like cake baking (PandaBambooSakura, the NS-TSQ10/18) which produces fantastic cakes – cheesecake, banana cake, brownies, spiced apple cake – all are amazing and very moist because the cakes are steamed rather than baked. For some delicious recipes, see our dessert section!


All Yum Asia rice cookers can cook porridge – oatmeal or traditional rice porridge (known as congee). There’s nothing better than setting the rice cooker to have your porridge ready for breakfast on a cold winter’s day – here is our recipe for oat porridge.

Slow Cook, Soup, Yoghurt

PandaBamboo and Sakura are unique in the rice cookers we sell in that they also have other useful features like a fully programmable slow cook setting (the NS-YSQ10/18 does have a slow cook, but it is very limited – you cannot set the time of the cooking cycle or use keep warm) and crust (or Persian Tahdig) setting. Sakura also has a soup setting for brilliant soups and yoghurt setting for making your own yoghurt from scratch.

Let’s dig into the guts of the machines!
4. What Kind Of Inner Bowl Do You Want?

Inner bowl material is as important as the type of heating method

Ceramic Bowl vs Non-Ceramic

Increasingly important to a lot of people is the material the inner bowl is coated in. For example, Zojirushi rice cookers are coated in Sumiflon (a Teflon-like coating) Zojirushi do not make any other type of inner bowl, other than the Sumiflon coated ones. None of the innerbowls in our premium rice cookers flake, tarnish easily or disintegrate like more basic rice cookers bowls if you treat them carefully. 

All of Yum Asia’s rice cookers have our signature ceramic coated inner bowls included as standard, we took on customers concerns regarding Sumiflon/Teflon and decided to only use hard-wearing, heavy duty ceramic coated inner bowls. Our Ninja inner bowls supplied with Panda and Sakura models are minimum 2mm thick whilst are Bamboo IH model has our Joubu bowl with a minimum of 3mm thickness. You really can feel the difference not only to look at but to feel the weight in your hands. All of the Zojirushi inner bowls are approximately 1.5mm in thickness. 

Almost There!
5. Do You Want Induction Heating (IH) Or Conventional Heating?

IH Is More Expensive But Gives More Even Heating And Unique Rice Functions

Conventional Or Fuzzy Logic

The majority of rice cookers that are available in the UK and Europe are basic conventional on/off with a loose fitting glass lid (during cooking starchy water can spit out) or are a basic jar type of rice cooker. These rice cookers are only marginally better than using a saucepan – they simply boil the rice, reacting to when a certain temperature is reached, it switches off. A lot of these types of rice cookers burn the rice or over-cook it.

 Our premium rice cookers are completely sealed units, so no mess is created when cooking and the fuzzy logic brains of the cookers are working. The fuzzy logic calculates carefully the temperatures and reacts, making the heating element react to different stages of the cooking cycle. The rice is cooked using many different types of heat cycles (phased cooking) rather than boiled and the resulting rice is far better in taste and texture.

Induction Heating Or IH

The other type of rice cooker is Induction Heating. Induction Heating (IH) in rice cookers occurs when coils in the bottom of the unit create a magnetic field. When the stainless steel inductive layer of the non-stick ceramic inner cooking bowl is placed into the rice cooker and the unit is activated, a magnetic field is generated to create instant heat throughout this layer. Through this technology, the inner cooking pan itself rather than the heating element becomes the heat source utilizing both even yet high heat and fine heat adjustments to control the cooking process.

Our Bamboo (YUM-IH15) model is the first Induction Heating rice cooker made for the UK and Europe. Exclusive to Yum Asia’s Bamboo rice cooker model is Umai Induction Heating (IH). Induction Heating in rice cookers occurs when coils in the bottom of the unit create a magnetic field that specifically heats up the inner bowl and contents. ‘Umai’ in Japanese means smart brain which refers to the microprocessor used to make fine adjustments in temperature and cooking times (phased cooking). Because our Umai IH sytem is so smart (and combines IH with advanced fuzzy logic), it makes our Bamboo IH rice cooker more efficient, this means your rice is absolutely perfect every single time and it is cooked faster than other IH rice cookers.

Zojirushi IH models for the UK and Europe are very, very expensive and haven’t passed any CE safety tests, so therefore cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe.


Last Question!
6. Appearance And Other Things

Stainless, White, LED, Cute, Portable..We have It All!


All of our rice cookers come in different colours, finishes and vary in their shape and syle. Think about if you want a metallic or glossy effect finish or a micture of both.

Then think about if the type of display is important to you. The Yum Asia brand of rice cookers all have modern bright LED displays. Our Zojirushi models come with LCD displays which are less bright (think Casio watch screens). 

Consider the shape and how cute do you want your rice cooker to look. The curvier models we sell (Sakura and Panda) are more typically Japanese and cute (Kawaii). Our Bamboo models look ultra high end from the minute you set your eyes on it. The Zojirushi models are all of a rectangular shape with slight curves to their edges. 

Hygiene, Health And Cleaning

Certain models have features that make them easier to maintain and clean. Such as condensation collectors at the back of some models. All the models we sell have removable inner lids and steam caps (where excess water vents out out) for easy cleaning. Our Yum Asia models have easy clean control panels some of which are touch sensitive for better hygiene. Also some models have carry handles that help move them around the kitchen or wherever should you wish to easily hide them out of sight or put them in sight!

Spare Parts

Be reassured that we can provide spare parts for all the products we sell. The most common parts of a rice cooker that eventually may need replacing are the inner bowls and inner lids. Some people even prefer to have a spare inner bowl for convenience or to help future proof their cooker. If you need an extra inner bowl to extend the life of your cooker (even though the bowls last a long time if cared for correctly) we can provide it. Please see our spare parts  section for details. Please note that for Yum Asia brand products we can usually provide spare parts immediately but for Zojirushi spare parts they have to be ordered in advance and there is usually a delay before we can get the parts in stock. 


Yes. The rice cookers and water heaters are factory made for UK and European 220-240v, 50hz power supply. The unit comes fitted with a British 3-pin rectangular blade plug. All our electrical products are compatible with European and Australian power (or any country with 220-240v power) and just need an adapter plug. Please note that models imported from the US and Japan run on a different power supply (110v) and WILL NOT work on UK, European and Australian power.

We have no plans at all to sell Zojirushi Induction Heating models because the Zojirushi IH models for 220-240v power haven’t passed any CE safety tests for use in the UK or Europe so they therefore cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe, so this is why we do not supply them. The Zojirushi IH models are also very, very expensive to purchase (around £100-150 more than the YSQ10/18 models).


We do have our own branded Induction Heating rice cooker, Bamboo YUM-IH15. This is the first IH rice cooker to be made for the UK and Europe. It has many unique rice cooking features which Yum Asia developed using our rice cooker/cooking expertise. To read more about Bamboo, please see the product page.

The capacity of rice cookers can be confusing, especially because the international standard is to display the capacity in terms of litres of uncooked rice. To make it easy we have put together this table:


 Capacity in cups*

 Capacity in litres/kg

 Number of people

 Translation to cooked rice**

 3 cup

 0.5 litres or 500g

 1-3 people

 1.5 litres or 1.5kg

 5½ cup

 1 litre or 1kg

 1-5 people

 3 litres or 3kg

 8 cup

 1.5 litre or 1.5kg  1-8 people  4.5 litres or 4.5kg

 10 cup

 1.8 litre or 1.8kg

 1-10 people

 5.4 litres or 5.4kg

* 1 cup = 180ml of uncooked rice
**1kg of uncooked rice = 3kg of cooked rice

Yes, if you want to cook just 1 cup of rice in Sakura or Bamboo, that’s not a problem. Even though there isn’t a mark for 1 cup on the inner bowl but it’s easy to measure the correct amount of water. When cooking one cup of rice, use the measuring cup, fill it to the top with water once so you get the correct amount of water and add this on top of the rice in the inner bowl.

The same goes for cooking half a cup in Panda, you would use the measuring cup filled with water to the half mark on the cup and add this on top of the rice in the inner bowl.

Choose A Rice Cooker