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Best by e-mail
Yum Asia is an internet based company with no store presence, so you can e-mail any questions you have about the products we sell. By e-mailing your questions, it enables us to give a quicker response (response time is often less than 60 minutes). It means our response can be fuller and more detailed and also gives you time to research the information we give you ad have a documented version of it!
New to Yum Asia?
Firstly, welcome! You are now on the road to experiencing excellent customer service and great products. Our products are generally very unique to the UK and Europe and we fully understand that you may have some questions. Check out the information pages and FAQs first and if you need more help then please do get in touch.
If you are an existing customer....
If you have already ordered from us then it would speed things up if you include your order number, where you ordered and roughly when you ordered when messaging. This is especially important if your message is related to an order issue, problem or after sales question.
Help us help you
The more information you can give us the better (and quicker) we can assist you. Sometimes in the excitement, frustration or in the busy lives we lead you may press send before giving all the information we need to be able to help you. So take a deep breath and then dive in.
24hr Response Time
We aim to get back to you in a couple of hours or less but please allow up to 24 hours.
Help us help you
Please include as much information as possible such as order number, model name which can help speed things up.

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