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Yum Asia has been the home of Zojirushi in the UK and Europe for over 10 years; we have worked with Japanese rice cooking technologies and learned exactly how they work and their best and most useful features. We realised that the cookers did not always fit into everyone’s budget. We also realised that whilst some models ticked all the boxes of what a customer wants from a rice cooker, sometimes certain models didn't tick all those boxes. We therefore spent many months thinking and designing a rice cooker with functions that were most appealing to people that love Asian food with the core emphasis being based around cooking great tasting rice.

We now have two own branded rice cookers – Sakura YUM-EN15 (micom fuzzy logic) rice cooker, Bamboo YUM-IH15 (Umai Induction Heating) rice cooker and Panda YUM-EN06 mini (micom fuzzy logic) rice cooker. Bamboo is the first Induction Heating rice cooker made for the UK and Europe.

We love eating rice (having visited and lived in Asia) and eat it on a daily basis. We were unsatisfied with the rice cookers available to UK residents where the rice cookers often failed to last more than a month of use and spit water everywhere. We researched on the internet as to what rice cookers have the best record of durability and cooking results and found this to be Zojirushi. We bought this product for ourselves...this was 12 years ago and the rice cooker is still going strong and is used everyday. We were so impressed that we decided to source these Zojirushi rice cookers for sale in the UK and Europe so that other people like ourselves can see just how fantastic these cookers are. After using our Zojirushi rice cooker for so long we got a water heater, which has been just as fantastic as the rice cooker!

Zojirushi is the gold standard of many Asian style kitchen appliances but in particular is a market leader for rice cookers and water heaters. The durability of these rice cookers and ability to out-perform all other rice cookers is unbeaten! If you like rice and want the best possible kitchen appliance that will cook it perfectly then this is THE product for you. This rice cooker will go on and on cooking rice for you. The water heaters are the very best model on the market with the benefit of 50-60% energy saving capacity over standard other brand water heaters.

We spent a long time thinking about and designing rice cookers with functions that were most appealing to people that love Asian food with the core emphasis being based around cooking great tasting rice. We decided that our cookers would not only have to function extremely well but look great and have superior reliability comparable to the Zojirushi brand of rice cooker. Every part of the cookers from the display panel, moulded materials, inner bowl, packaging and instruction manual was designed with meticulous detail to ensure that customers would get the very best value for their money.
The factory we chose to manufacture our rice cookers also manufacturers highly thought of brands like Cuckoo, Cuchen and Tiger.
We have extensively tested Sakura and Bamboo and we conducted blind taste tests with the Yum Asia team and we are all in agreement that Sakura and Bamboo produce rice which is every bit as good as the rice from a Zojirushi!

Yes, we have a comprehensive returns policy. Please see this page for details of our returns policy. All the products we sell are provided with Yum Asia's unique 12 months warranty, as products purchased in Asia for sale outside of the country of purchase are not covered by the original Zojirushi warranties. We supply the same 12 months warranty for our own branded products as well.

Yes, we have many happy customers - don't just take our word for it look on each product page for reviews from our customers.

In addition to customer reviews, our Sakura rice cooker has been highly reviewed. 

To date, it is our best-selling rice cooker ever and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from happy customers. Sakura has also received several excellent awards since it’s launch:

  • Sorted Mag for Men’s ‘Top Buy’ award in May 2017 
  • Ideal Home awarded it 5/5 (highest score in review set, beating all competitors)

Sakura has received many positive reviews from both chefs and tech bloggers alike: 

  • Matgeek (Swedish You Tube chef)
  • Hari Ghotra (renowned Indian chef)
  • Pretty Green Tea (a food and lifestyle blogger), Geekanoids (tech blogger)
  • Red Ferret (tech blogger)
  • Gadget Man (tech blogger)

Sakura will continue to receive awards owing to it’s unique design and hard wearing ceramic coated inner bowl.


The capacity of rice cookers can be confusing, especially because the international standard is to display the capacity in terms of litres of uncooked rice. To make it easy we have put together this table:

 Capacity in cups*

 Capacity in litres/kg

 Number of people

 Translation to cooked rice**

 3 cup

 0.5 litres or 500g

 1-3 people

 1.5 litres or 1.5kg

 5½ cup

 1 litre or 1kg

 1-5 people

 3 litres or 3kg

 8 cup

 1.5 litre or 1.5kg 1-8 people 4.5 litres or 4.5kg

 10 cup

 1.8 litre or 1.8kg

 1-10 people

 5.4 litres or 5.4kg

* 1 cup = 180ml of uncooked rice
**1kg of uncooked rice = 3kg of cooked rice

Essentially Zojirushi rice cookers perform best when used for cooking rice. However, we do have recipes that can be cooked in the rice cookers we sell and the book 'The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook' is highly recommended by people who own these rice cookers.

Some models we sell have steaming, cake baking and slow cook functions, which can cook a variety of foods other than rice.

Our own branded rice cookers, in addition to several rice cooking menu options, have useful add-on multi-cooker functions like steaming, cake baking, slow cook, crust (Persian Tahdig), porridge, soup yoghurt making.

Take a look at our Tips and Troubleshooting page, where we detail common problems customers encounter.

We have years of rice cooking experience and know our rice, so please feel free to contact us to get advice.


Yes. The rice cookers and water heaters are factory made for UK and European 220-240v, 50hz power supply. The unit comes fitted with a British 3-pin rectangular blade plug. All our electrical products are compatible with European and Australian power (or any country with 220-240v power) and just need an adapter plug. Please note that models imported from the US and Japan run on a different power supply (110v) and WILL NOT work on UK, European and Australian power.

The Zojirushi products we sell are made in dedicated Zojirushi factories in China (NS-LAQ05, NL-BGQ05, NS-TSQ10, NS-TSQ18, CV-CSQ30) or Japan (NS-YSQ10, NS-YSQ18, NL-AAQ10, NL-AAQ18, CV-DSQ40). Only Zojirushi products are made in these factories; Zojirushi manufacturing standards are extremely high and the factories have a reputation of excellence with build quality and detailed quality control.

Our own brand rice cookers are manufactured in dedicated Chinese factories which also make premium brand rice cookers like Cuckoo, Cuchen and Tiger. Our factory conforms to the highest international standards and has comprehensive quality control and manufacturing  procedures which we have had independently inspected.

No. USA units are not compatible with UK, European and Australian power supply (they are 110v and 60Hz) and you would need to purchase a bulky and expensive transformer to convert the voltage so you could use it. Transformers for stepping up voltage take up a lot of electricty when converting voltage, are bulky and don't convert the cyclical electricity frequency of an appliance (ie they don't convert from 60Hz to 50Hz). We have had several customers who have tried to use US rice cookers with a voltage converter and they do not work or broke within 6 months.

Yes, all the Zojirushi products and the Yum Asia branded products we sell have the CE Mark applied. We hold a EU Declaration of Conformity for all these products showing conformance to the relevant UK and European safety directives. 

Fuzzy Logic Micom rice cookers are sophisticated machines, see our page, how rice cookers work. Briefly, the computer chip is the brains of the unit, it makes the cooking of rice foolproof. Instead of the cooker simply switching on and off reacting to temperature, the rice cooker makes small adjustments in temperature and cooking time according to what the thermal sensor senses. This means the rice is steamed rather than boiled and it therefore gives a completely different taste and texture to rice cooked in a saucepan on a stove. It’s this steaming process which takes the time to cook the rice.

No. A lot of the energy in a traditional kettle is wasted because of poor insulation, as water is converted to steam before it switches off. There is also excess water which is heated and left in the kettle but not used - most people overfill their kettles. The inner pot of these water heaters are insulated therefore the energy goes into the water, no steam is produced and very little energy is needed to keep it warm. It is estimated that maintaining the water temperature costs less than 7 pence per day (depending on electricity tariffs). Remember that each time you boil a kettle it costs you each time it is boiled - you are probably heating more water than you need too every time you boil your ordinary kettle and then letting it cool. These Zojirushi water heaters retain most of the energy used, therefore saving you money to use on other things!

We have no plans at all to sell Zojirushi Induction Heating models because the Zojirushi IH models for 220-240v power haven’t passed any CE safety tests for use in the UK or Europe so they therefore cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe, so this is why we do not supply them. The Zojirushi IH models are also very, very expensive to purchase (around £100-150 more than the YSQ10/18 models).

We do have our own branded Induction Heating rice cooker, Bamboo YUM-IH15. This is the first IH rice cooker to be made for the UK and Europe. It has many unique rice cooking features which Yum Asia developed using our rice cooker/cooking expertise. To read more about Bamboo, please see the product page.

Some Chinese-made rice cookers claim to be IH models but they are actually fuzzy logic rice cookers. All fuzzy logic rice cookers have a round metal heating element inside the rice cooker which the inner bowl sits on top of (like a disc with a pressure sensor in the middle). Induction heating models do not have this heating element as they cook by using a magnetic field.

The inside of an Induction Heating model is completely smooth with just a pressure sensor in the middle of the bowl and a pressure line around half way up the side of the inside of the machine to help the magnetic field use the bowl as the heating element. Although the fuzzy logic rice cooker inner bowls are very heavy duty (aluminium coated stainless steel with an outer coating of non-stick), Induction Heating model bowls are much heavier as they are made from different materials (usually aluminium coated stainless steel which is then coated with either copper or a ceramic material as well as a non-stick outer coating) as they need to conduct the heat in a completely different way. It is easy to tell the difference between the two types of rice cooker once you know what you are looking for! See our page how rice cookers work for more details. 


It's easy to buy a product or multiple products via our website.
Yum Asia accepts all debit and credit cards. Stripe administers all our payments and has a state of the art 2048 bit SSL encryption and the checkout page where you submit your card details is a fully secured connection. Please note that we do not store any card details, all of this is stored on Stripe’s secure servers.

We cannot accept bank transfers. The only way to purchase is via our website with a debit/credit card.

First of all, double check that you have filled in all the boxes on the checkout page which are labelled with a red star. These are compulsory boxes. 

Secondly, check that all of your details are correct like correct billing address and post code (your billing address is the place where the bank will send your statements and replacement cards).

If all of these are correct, try logging out of your account (if you are logged in), exit the tab/window you have open on our site and then clearing your browser cache, make sure your browser is up to date and starting the order again from the beginning.

In the majority of cases, the above are the issues that customers encounter when placing an order. If all of these fail, we advise that you try using another browser.

Yes, our shopping cart will automatically calculate your order without VAT as soon as you add a Swiss delivery address. You don't need to do anything else and this zero VAT total is what is submitted to Swiss Customs as the commercial invoice. You will then have to pay VAT to Swiss Customs when your order arrives into Switzerland.

Yes, if you require a VAT invoice, please let us know either in the order comments or by e-mail once you have placed your order.

This checkout warning message means that we do not deliver an item that is in your cart to your country or that it is not available. Contact us if you think this message is incorrect. 

Yes. We send ALL products from within the UK which means that there are no import or customs fees if you are based in the UK or EU. These Customs fees when importing into the UK or EU can sometimes be up to 50% of the value of the item as Customs fees and Import Duty are calculated on the value of the item and shipping combined. Best of all, it's delivered fast so no waiting for weeks for delivery!

We believe in reasonable shipping costs and we have sourced the very cheapest shipping to ensure this is the very best value for our customers; we have standard costs for the first item shipped with discounts applied at checkout for multiple items. See our delivery information page for more details.


We stringently check all products that we sell to ensure they are in excellent working order. However, all Yum Asia products have our 12 month warranty from the day you purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing faults (including workmanship/components) but excludes accidental or malicious damage and incorrect usage of the appliance for purchases delivered in the UK and Europe. This warranty provides cover for household use only of these products and not commercial use. If used commercially then the warranty is not valid.

Please note, sometimes mistakes happen and the wrong product is shipped to a customer. If this happens, please contact us by e-mail immediately so we can rectify the mistake. We only provide warranty services and after-sales spare parts service for the unit which we have recorded as you purchasing. 

For more information, please see

No, never put the inner bowl or inner lid into a dishwasher. You can soak the inner bowl and inner lid if necessary and then wash with a sponge/soft cloth. This is because the washing cycle on a dishwasher is just too harsh and even being put in a dishwasher just once can be enough to destroy the coating on the inner bowl and inner lid.

Yes, we supply spare parts for the Zojirushi products we sell to customers who have previously purchased from us. These spare parts usually need to be ordered in advance and take approximately 6-8 weeks (sometimes longer) to come in stock. Our prices for spare parts include shipping and the spare parts we supply can be found here.

We also supply spare parts for our own branded rice cookers and you can find a list of spare part names in the manual.

Any questions?