Rice Cooker Comparison

We have put together an easy pictorial way of comparing our own brand and Zojirushi rice cooker models we sell. Below these icons is a further, more detailed comparison between the models.


Zojirushi NS-LAQ05 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


Zojirushi NL-BGQ05 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


Zojirushi NS-TSQ10 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


Zojirushi NS-TSQ18 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker



Zojirushi NL-AAQ10 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


Zojirushi NL-AAQ18 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


Zojirushi NS-YSQ10 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


Zojirushi NS-YSQ18 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


Sakura by Yum Asia micom fuzzy logic rice cooker


More Detailed Comparison Information


We have put more information on our FAQ page about how the 180ml cup size relates to cooked rice and about the sizes of the different rice cooker models. 


- The LAQ05 and BGQ05 are 3 cup models suitable for 1-3 people;

- The TSQ10, AAQ10 and YSQ10 are 5.5 cup models suitable for 1-5 people;

- Sakura by Yum Asia is an 8 cup model suitable for 1-8 people; and,

- The TSQ18, AAQ18 and YSQ18 are 10 cup models suitable for 1-10 people.


The LAQ05 and BGQ05 are very small capacity rice cookers and therefore has slightly less functions than the other models. We usually only recommend the LAQ05 to couples who will not ever cook for anyone other than themselves.


As an example, we own a 5.5 cup model and we are only a couple, this gives us the flexibility to cook for other people as well as ourselves. There isn't any problem cooking one or two cups of rice in a bigger capacity rice cooker, in fact, Zojirushi's are the only brand of rice cooker which can do this successfully - one cup of rice comes out as perfectly as when you cook the full capacity of rice. We ensured with Sakura that it could cook rice as well as a Zojirushi and it also cooks small amounts of rice perfectly.


Although the capacities of these rice cookers almost double between models (i.e. from 3 cup to 5.5 cup to 10cup with the 8 cup in between), the actual physical sizes do not differ that much. The physical footprints of the models are:


LAQ05 - 23cm width - 30cm depth - 19cm height

BGQ05 - 23.5cm width - 32.5cm depth - 19.5cm height

AAQ10 - 25.5cm width - 33cm depth - 20.5cm height

TSQ10 - 25.5cm width - 35.5cm depth - 21.5cm height

YSQ10 - 25.5cm width - 38cm depth - 23.5cm height

Sakura - 29cm width - 39cm depth - 24cm height

AAQ18 - 28cm width - 35cm depth - 24cm height

TSQ18 - 28cm width - 38cm depth - 25cm height

YSQ18 - 28cm width - 40.5cm depth - 27cm height


Differences between the different models of rice cookers

We often get asked which is the ‘best’ rice cooker and we always answer that there isn’t really a best all round rice cooker, the features of each one are almost the same with just a few slight differences, and, depending on what features a customer wants will determine which model is the best for them.


All of the 5.5 cup and 10 cup Zojirushi rice cookers we sell have the same core features you have come to expect from the Zojirushi brand (white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, mixed rice, sweet rice, porridge settings, a timer function, automatic keep warm and extended keep warm) but there are small variations between the models.


We designed our own rice cooker as we realised that the cookers did not always fit into everyone’s budget. We also realised that whilst some models ticked all the boxes of what a customer wants from a rice cooker, sometimes certain models didn't tick all those boxes. We therefore spent many months thinking and designing a rice cooker with functions that were most appealing to people that love Asian food with the core emphasis being based around cooking great tasting rice.

Some essential model differences are listed below.

  1. The first, cosmetic difference to note is the colour of each model - the AAQ10/18 is white, the TSQ10/18 is a stainless steel finish and the YSQ10/18 is a bronze stainless steel finish. Sakura is a black thermo-plastic polymer with a Korean designed ‘Motouch’ control panel. Sakura also has a unique, hard-wearing ceramic coated inner bowl.
  2. All Zojirushi models have a reheat function (for when the rice has been kept warm for a while).
  3. The TSQ10/18 and Sakura have a cake baking function which makes a fantastic cheesecake, chocolate cake and banana cake.
  4. The AAQ10/18, TSQ10/18 and Sakura have a steaming function for vegetables and meat (steam basket is included). These are the first Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker to have this feature. The steaming feature on the can be used for steaming veg, meat/fish, dumplings – anything really. You can either do this while the rice is cooking or you can use the unit separately as a steamer. If you steam while cooking rice then the maximum amount of rice recommended to cook is 2 cups (for the 5.5 cup model), 3 cups for Sakura and 4 cups (for the 10 cup model), this is because the rice expanding during the cooking cycle may cause the steaming basket to push the lid open.
  5. The YSQ10/18 has several unique features which include short grain rice setting, thicker/thinner congee (porridge) setting, slow cook setting, premium 'taste' setting (the rice is cooked for longer to release a better flavour, also known as 'Umami') and a GABA Brown rice setting. This is the first Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker to have these features – for more information about the premium taste and GABA functions please see Yum Factor 
  6. Sakura has several unique features which include soup, slow cook, crust (Persian Tahdig) and yoghurt settings.
  7. The last differences to mention is that the AAQ10/18 and YSQ10/18 are made in Japan (hence the higher price due to the strength of the Japanese Yen) and the TSQ10/18 are made in dedicated Zojirushi factories in China to the same quality control standards as the Japanese factories. We often get asked how ‘old’ the models are - the AAQ10/18 (released in July 2013), the TSQ10/18 (released March 2012) and the YSQ10/18 (released May 2011). Our own brand is manufactured in dedicated Chinese factories which also make premium brand rice cookers like Cuckoo, Cuchen and Tiger. Our factory conforms to the highest international standards and has comprehensive quality control and manufacturing  procedures which we have had independently inspected.


Please note the Zojirushi models NS-TGQ10, NS-TGQ18, NS-ZAQ10 and NS-ZAQ18 have been discontinued. These models have been replaced by the NS-TSQ10, NS-TSQ18, NL-AAQ10 and NL-AAQ18 respectively.