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Kenzai cup by Yum Asia 16oz (473ml) reusable screw lid bamboo cup


Kenzai features

  • 16oz/473ml capacity
  • Made from sustainable bamboo fibre
  • Reusable time and again
  • Unique bamboo screw lid to stop drips and leaks
  • Bamboo cup and lid are fully biodegradable
  • Silicone sleeve and stopper are recyclable
  • Stylish brown and caramel colour
  • Suitable for coffee, tea, chocolate (hot or iced), juices, name it!
  • Whole cup (including sleeve and stopper) is dishwasher safe
  • BPA and phthalate free

The kenzai cup is part of a growing movement to stop the use of single-use 'paper' cups, it's estimated that in 30 years use of the modern 'paper' cups that are used virtually everywhere over 2 trillion of them have ended up in landfill and due to the plastic content of these cups, less than 1% have been recycled.

Kenzai (健在) in Japanese means strong, healthy, hearty and robust and that's exactly what the cup is! Made from bamboo fibre, the most sustainable and fastest growing crop in the world it is BPA, phthalate free. It's strong, dishwasher safe (all of the mug including the lid and sleeve) and if you treat it right should last for years! A major complaint about other reusable cups on the market, is the silicone lid; although the silicone is food grade, people have still said it 'taints' the drink in the cup. So we made the decision to fit kenzai with a unique bamboo screw lid; this has the added bonus of stopping leaks as well as limiting the non-biodegradable (but still recyclable) silicone on the cup. In fact, kenzai's cup and lid are fully biodegradable. Once you have finished with it you can throw it in your composter and it will fully break down. The silicone sleeve and stopper are recyclable.

Kenzai is great to drink from, it's hard to believe this is a reusable cup, and comes in a stylish dark brown and caramel colours. Being 16oz (473ml), it's big enough to suit everyone - giving space at the top even if you only buy 12 or 14oz drinks! Kenzai can even be used for iced drinks, smoothies or juices, the handy stopper on the top can double as a straw hole, making it even easier to enjoy your drinks in the summer.

Product dimensions: Height (lid on) – 14cm, width top (lid on) – 10cm, width bottom – 6.3cm, width (lid off) – 8.8cm

Retailers offering discounts for bringing your own cup include:

  • Starbucks – 25p off at any Starbucks store or counter, including at cinemas and train stations. The discount excludes filter coffee. Starbucks will also start charging extra for single-use cups
  • Costa – 25p off in all stores apart from Northern Ireland on all hot and cold drinks.
  • Pret – 50p off at all stores (it increased from 25p off on 1 Jan 2018) on all hot and cold drinks.
  • Paul – 25p off, although Paul doesn’t have many stores outside London
  • Greggs – 20p off. If you bring your own cup, you’ll get 20p off any hot drink.
  • Caffè Nero – no money off, but you do get double stamps on your loyalty card. If you bring your own cup, you get twice the loyalty card stamps which means you only have to buy five drinks to get one free (normally it’s nine drinks)
Product Specifications
Capacity 16oz/480ml capacity
Lid and cup materials 100% organic bamboo fibre - dark brown and caramel colour. Fully biodegradable
Stopper and sleeve materials 100% recyclable food grade silicone
Lid type Bamboo screw lid to prevent leaks
Other information Reusable, Pthalate, BPA free, Reusable, Naturally sterile, Dishwasher proof
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Kenzai cup by Yum Asia 16oz (473ml) reusable screw lid bamboo cup
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This product is almost entirely biodegradable and is re-useable time and time again
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