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Rice Cooker Knowledge

Learn everything about rice cookers and rice
Learning can be fun – right?
Guides to help you choose your rice cooker

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Rice Cooker Comparison

We have a very useful rice cooker comparison table where you can look at the features of our rice cookers at a glance.

Award Winning Products

Our Yum Asia brand of premium rice cookers have achieved overwhelming praise from tech and gadget reviewers ranging from Ideal Home to the BBC to Expert Reviews.

What is the Yum Factor?

Yum Asia has developed a range of unique techologies that are used by our rice cookers to make them stand out from the crowd. These range from our UMAI IH to our YumCarb cooking process. 

Choose A Rice Cooker

This page will help walk you through the decision making process of choosing the rice cooker that is right for you and your requirements.

Dig deep into the rice world
Guide to rice, tips, troubleshoot and manuals

Become an expert in all things rice and rice cookers

How Is Rice Good For You?

Did you know that contrary to what some people may think – rice is actually very healthy for you! Explore many more fun facts about rice and it’s nutritional value.

Rice Grain Guide

Learn the difference between basmati and jasmine rice and the four key characteristics that make rice grains unique.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Having issue with your rice or rice cooker? Most of the time it’s rice grain issues or user error. See why here

Our Instruction Manuals

The ultimate source of information for our products. Reading these before use is a good thing – trust us! Most are available in UK, FR, DE, ES, IT 

Rice Cooker Knowledge