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Rice Cookers

Rice Cookers

We currently stock 8 models of Zojirushi rice cookers and 3 models of our own brand 'Yum Asia', with different designs and functions.

All of the rice cookers we sell have the same core features  (white, brown, porridge settings, a timer function and automatic keep warm) but there are small variations between the models.

Capacity key: 3 cup = 1-3 people, 5½ cup = 1-5 people, 8 cup = 1-8 people, 10 cup = 1-10 people

Brand: Zojirushi Model: NL-AAQ18
220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug 10 cup capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-10 people White, sushi, porridge, sweet and brown rice settings Steam function High quality Sumiflon non-stick inner pan Keep warm, extended keep warm and reheat function Low energy LCD display with clock a..
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