I live in France and had previously purchased a Zojirushi from a company in Asia, what a mistake! It worked for some days but then it broke down and the company refused to replace or repair, so my money was wasted. I would advise anyone considering buying to buy with confidence from Yum Asia, their warranty is very good and from my past experience it’s important!
- Marie (France) bought a NS-TSQ10
I got my sakura rice cooker today, i am super super happy. the ceramic bowl looks really sturdy and is absolutely perfect. I made my first jasmine rice just about an hour ago and it was super fluffy and nothing stuck to the bottom. Cant wait to use other functions such as porridge, slow cook, and others. Thank you so much yum asia for making this rice cooker with ceramic bowl you guys are fantastic!!!!
- Martin (Sweden) bought a Sakura
I bought one of these for my 3 year old daughter to take to playgroup. It has been fantastic- unbroken so far! It creates a temperature gradient inside so that the soup stays nice and hot at the bottom, the rice insulates the soup, so you can just about get away with dried fruit, bread etc in the top container. The school love it and it's great that the kid is getting a good warm meal before she goes out to School
- John (UK) bought a SL-GF18-CU
I'd been looking for a Zojirushi water heater for so long and had given up hope, then I stumbled across your website. The CSQ30 is everything I hoped it would be, it has a handy timer so I can fill and programme for when I wake up in the morning and I have soon got used to having hot water instantly at the press of a button! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to the UK. Best wishes and thanks again
- S.Clarke (UK) bought a CSQ30
The ordered rice cooker arrived here in Germany. Delivery time was excellent because the rice cooker I ordered Monday noon time arrived already Thursday noon time here. Absolutely outstanding service from you. (5*****) Today we enjoyed rice made with the new cooker. Everything was perfect. (We used before Zojirushi equipment already for 15 years). Thanks again and best regards!
- Uwe (Germany) bought a NS-TSQ10
I decided to buy this model because I was interested in the GABA feature. I'm not sure how much GABA is activated, but the brown rice I've cooked using this setting is absolutely delicious. I can eat it by itself. Definitely the best brown rice I have tasted. The normal brown rice setting doesn't produce as flavorsome rice. Sushi rice is cooked to perfection using the sushi setting.
- A.Campbell (Finland) bought a NS-YSQ10

Tafu by Yum Asia thermal mug (YUM-ZH48-GB)

Multi-buy Offer!

Buy more than one Tafu thermal mug and get £2 off each mug!

Brand: Yum Asia
Product Code: YUM-ZH48-GB
Availability: In Stock
£19.00 Ex Tax: £15.83
2 or more £20.40




  • Yum Asia branded Tafu thermal mug
  • 480ml capacity
  • Sturdy stainless steel body in graphite black
  • Easy-to-clean, stainless steel interior, stopper disassembles for thorough cleaning
  • Vacuum insulation to keep beverages hot or cold for 6 plus hours
  • Plastic cover around the mouth of the mug, wide mouth accommodates full-size ice cubes
  • Tight fitting lid keeps beverages hotter or colder than standard travel mugs
  • Flip open lid with safety lock
  • BPA free


Tafu by Yum Asia is a thermal vacuum insulated hot/cold beverage mug. We named this thermal mug Tafu because it means 'Tough' in Japanese language; it has been made with the highest standards of quality, functionality and design which Yum Asia is proud to be renowned for.

Tafu has a capacity of 480ml and it allows you to keep your drinks warm or cold for up to 6 hours. For example, a drink initially heated to 95°C and kept at room temperature remains at 86°C after 1 hour and then drops to 68°C after 6 hours.

Tafu has a stylish and modern stainless steel graphite black exterior and is treated with a special coating for easy cleaning. It is designed with a removable inner valve for easy pouring without losing too much heat/cold from your drink inside and the wide mouth is wide enough to insert whole ice cubes. Flip open lid means you will never lose the lid and there is a safety lock to prevent the lid from accidentally opening.

The interior of Tafu is made from 304 (food/drink grade) 'YUMslip' stainless steel, which means it is completely BPA free, easy to clean and completely non-stick. Tafu's outer body is made from 8 distinct layers which give it it's unique thermal retention properties.

Lightweight, slimline and stylish makes it very easy to carry wherever you go - work or play Tafu is perfect for keeping your favourite drinks at the right temperature with no need to worry!



Product Specifications
Capacity480ml capacity
DesignSturdy stainless steel body - graphite black colour
Vacuum/thermal propertiesVacuum insulation to keep beverages hot or cold for 6 plus hours. A tight fitting lid keeps beverages hotter or colder than standard travel mugs
Exterior materialPainted and coated 201 stainless steel
Interior material304 grade 'YUMslip' stainless steel for superior non-stick quality
Gasket materialSilicon (BPA and PTFE free)
Stopper and lid cover materialPolypropylene (BPA and PTFE free)
Heat retention86oC (187oF) after 1 Hour 68oC (154oF) after 6 Hours
Cold retention9oC (48oF) after 6 Hours
Bryan (UK) on 30/04/2017
37 reviews
Excellent mug at a reasonable price. I have bought 4 of these - one for myself and my wife and one each for my grown up children. We all love it. We have been using them so much and the drinks really do stay hot!
Keith (UK) on 17/04/2017
37 reviews
Great purchase, so happy I bought one for my brother as well. Keeps things hot/cold and very useful on the golf course.
Suzie (UK) on 28/03/2017
37 reviews
My friend at work bought one of these and it blew me away when I realised how good it was. Well worth the money - I hate lukewarm drinks and this really does keep things cold/hot. 5*, brilliant and love the flip lid and the way I can take it apart.
Alfonso (Italy) on 27/02/2017
37 reviews
happy with my purchase. at half the price of a zorjishu, it's worth it.
Joan (Ireland) on 17/02/2017
37 reviews
Excellent, no fuss to wash, keeps everything hot and no fingerprints. I like the flip lid a lot. Recommended

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