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Tips and Troubleshooting

Tips On Cooking Perfect Rice In Your Rice Cooker!

See our Greedy Panda Food Blog for rice, oats and other recipes which can be cooked in your Zojirushi and Sakura.

This book 'The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook' is highly recommended by people who own rice cookers.


Cooking perfect rice

1. First of all we always advise people to buy the very best rice they can - we usually use basmati and Thai jasmine rice for our plain white rice. When choosing packs of rice, make sure there aren't too many broken grains in there as this can sometimes cause a problem with sticky rice - make sure the majority of the grains in the pack are long.

2. Before cooking, measure your rice out into the measuring cup and transfer to a sieve and rinse under cold running water until the liquid coming from the rice is clear, the starch in the rice can often be the culprit for soggy rice.

3. Then leave the rice to drain for 5 minutes or so, to make sure all the water has run off (give it a good shake and shuffle to make sure).

4. Put the rice into the rice cooker and flatten the top of the rice pile down and fill the cooker up to the relevant line with fresh, cold water. We fill to the bottom of the indicated line rather than the top - the less water there is in the machine during cooking, the less sticky and soft the rice will be - a very precise way of doing things, but it works.

5. Once the cooker has swtiched to keep warm, open the lid, give the rice a good stir with the spatula to release any excess water and to break any clumps of rice which may have formed and then leave on keep warm for maybe 30 minutes.

Zojirushi and Sakura rice cookers should not ever produce stodgy rice...when we cook with our Zojirushi and Sakura we get perfect dry, fluffy rice as the end product. These rice cookers do not produce completely separate grains of rice as this is not how Asian rice is; by their nature these rice cookers make rice which clumps together to some extent as both Japanese and Chinese eat rice with chopsticks, so rice which sticks together is essential! The key is the thorough rinsing. If you have any questions please contact us.

Troubleshooting any problemsnnnnn

My cooked rice is too hard or soft!

- Make sure your rice cooker is on a flat surface

- Remember that using the timer results in softer rice

- Remember that using the Quick cook results in harder rice

- Add a little more (if rice is too hard) or less (if rice is too soft) water next time you cook the rice


The rice is scorched

- Check nothing is stuck on the underside of the inner bowl or on the heating element

- The rice may not have been rinsed properly so there is too much starch left on the rice


Why is the water boiling over during cooking?

- Check the inner lid is attached properly

- The rice may not have been rinsed properly so there is too much starch left on the rice


The rice cooker doesn't cook

- Check it's plugged in!

- Make sure the 'keep warm' function isn't on, if so press reset and then the cooking button again


Why is there a funny smell/the rice is yellow/too dry?

- Make sure the bowl is properly cleaned after using it for mixed rice

- Don't keep the rice warm for over 12 hours or keep too little rice on keep warm

- Don't keep the rice warm with the spatula inside the inner bowl

- Loosen the rice after cooking is completely, stirring it thoroughly


The rice cooker started cooking immediately after the timer was set

- Check the time is set correctly - it's a 24 hour clock

- If the timer is set to a shorter time than is suggested then the rice cooker will start cooking immediately


The rice is not ready at the correct time

- Check the time is set correctly - it's a 24 hour clock


The timer can't be set

- Remember to press the cooking button after you have set the timer - you need to press the cooking button to complete setting the timer


Remember you can always contact us with any questions you have.