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Zojirushi NS-YSQ18 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker

Zojirushi NS-YSQ18 micom fuzzy logic rice cooker
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Easy to see features of Zojirushi NS-YSQ18 rice cooker

  • 220-240v, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug (add 2 pin EU plug for £2.50)
  • 10-cup capacity - enough for 1-10 people
  • White, sushi, brown, and sweet rice settings
  • Thicker/thinner congee (porridge), short grain rice and slow cook settings
  • Premium 'taste' (also known as 'Umami') and GABA brown rice settings
  • High quality Sumiflon non-stick inner pan
  • Keep warm, extended keep warm and reheat function
  • Low energy LCD display with clock and timer feature (for up to 13 hours in advance)
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Spherical heating system
  • Detachable power cord
  • Comparison of all rice cookers


Producing restaurant-quality rice at home is made easy with this 10-cup (enough to feed 1-10 people) Zojirushi NS-YSQ18* micom fuzzy logic electric rice cooker and warmer.

This is a large capacity cooker with an attractive, unique design of a durable clear-coated bronze stainless exterior. The NS-YSQ10 features additional exclusive exclusive settings including thicker/thinner congee (porridge), short grain rice, slow cook, Premium 'taste' (also known as 'Umami') and GABA brown rice settings. This cooker is designed to be used on 220-240v, 50hz power and has a UK three pin plug.

The NS-YSQ18 has multi-menu selections which uses Micom (micro-computerised) Fuzzy logic technology to control the temperature for the efficient cooking of many different types of rice including white, sushi, porridge, brown, and sweet rice. There is also a quick cooking feature on this model. The micro computer chip inside the NS-YSQ18 automatically makes adjustments to temperature and heating time - it ensures perfect rice every time. This is what we call the 'yum factor'.

The Zojirushi NS-YSQ18 has an automatic keep-warm function. There is a countdown feature during the last 10 minutes of the cooking cycle and when the rice is cooked a tune is played and the cooker automatically shifts to keep warm mode. For added convenience, the NS-YSQ18 has a low light LCD display with clock and timer function (for up to 13 hours in advance), a Sumiflon/Teflon coated inner bowl and a convenient detachable inner lid for easy cleaning.

Accessories include a measuring cup, non-stick rice spatula and spatula holder.

*Note that the US (110v) equivalent of this model is the NS-YAC18 and it will NOT work with UK/European/Australian power


Product Specifications
Capacity 10 cup capacity of uncooked rice (0.09 - 1.8 litres) enough for 1-10 people
Design Attractive bronze stainless exterior
Power 220-240V, 50Hz with 3 pin UK plug, 770-820W
Accessories Measuring cup, non-stick spatula, manual in English with recipes included
White rice cooking time Takes between 50-60 minutes to cook perfect white rice
'Quick' cooking time Takes around 34-50 minutes to cook perfect white rice on the 'Quick Cook' feature
Brown rice cooking time Takes between 85-110 minutes to cook perfect brown rice
Short grain rice cooking time Takes between 50-60 minutes to cook short grain rice
'Premium' (Umami) cooking time Takes between 70-85 minutes to cook perfect white rice on the Premium 'taste' feature
GABA brown rice cooking time Takes between 195-215 minutes to cook GABA brown rice (includes soaking at 40°C for 2 hours to activate)
Dimensions (L x W x D) 40.50cm x 28.00cm x 27.00cm
Multi-cooker features
Porridge cooking time change
Slow cook time change

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We often get asked questions about the products we sell, here is a selection of the questions which customers most often ask us.

Does this rice cooker work with UK or European power?

Yes. This rice cooker is factory made for UK and European 220-240v, 50hz power supply.

What plug/power cord is this product supplied with?

All the rice cookers we sell are supplied with a 3-pin UK plug. However, if you live in Europe you can opt to add a 2 pin EU plug for £2.50 extra – select using the available options before adding to cart.

I don't understand what 10 cup capacity means

The capacity of rice cookers can be confusing, especially because the international standard is to display the capacity in terms of litres of uncooked rice. To make it easy to understand we put this table together: 

What else can I cook in this rice cooker?

The NS-YSQ18 has a slow cook function as well as the same core features you have come to expect from the Zojirushi brand (white, brown, sushi rice, mixed, sweet, porridge settings, a timer function, quick cook and automatic keep warm). This means you can cook casseroles, soups and other liquid dishes on the slow cook setting. Please note that there is maximum capacity of 6 cups of liquid on the YSQ18 slow cooking setting, so around 1080ml of liquid.


What does the 'premium' rice setting mean and is this only for white rice?

The 'premium' rice function is also known as 'umami' and can only be used for white rice. What is means is that the YSQ18 has a pre-heating and soaking built into the cycle before the cooking cycle starts. It then steams the rice as usual with an additional 5 minutes steaming at the end of the cycle. This changes the starch within the rice from beta to alpha starch and gives it a sweeter taste. This sweeter taste is often referred to as 'umami'. For more information, see our page 'The Yum Factor'.

What exactly is the GABA brown setting and can I use ordinary brown rice?

The YSQ18 is the first and only fuzzy logic Zojirushi to have the GABA brown setting. It takes normal brown rice and soaks and sprouts the rice for you - you select the GABA brown setting, the YSQ10 then soaks the rice for around 2 hours at a set temperature and activates (or sprouts) the brown rice and then cooks the rice for 1.5 hours. You can negate the longer cooking times by using the timer function (both models have this). For more information, see our page 'The Yum Factor'.

Where is this rice cooker made?

The Zojirushi rice cookers we sell are either made in dedicated Zojirushi factories in China or Japan. Only Zojirushi products are made in these factories; Zojirushi manufacturing standards are extremely high and the factories have a reputation of excellence with build quality and detailed quality control. The NS-YSQ18 model is made in Japan

Is it ok to cook a small amount of rice in this cooker?

Yes. There isn’t any problem cooking one or two cups of rice in a bigger capacity rice cooker, Zojirushi’s are actually the only brand of rice cooker which can do this successfully – one cup of rice comes out as perfectly as when you cook the full capacity of rice.

What is the maximum capacity for brown rice in this cooker and is it the same for GABA?

You can only cook 8 cups of brown rice (whether on the brown rice setting or GABA setting) in a 10 cup capacity rice cooker. This is because brown rice absorbs water differently to white rice and expands differently during the cooking process.

Is the display in English and what language does the manual come in?

Yes. The display and menu is in English and the supplied manual is also in English. No other language options are available for the manual. To take a look at the NS-YSQ18’s manual, it is available to download further up this page (under the ‘Add to Cart’ button).

Do you supply spare parts for this rice cooker?

Yes, we supply spare parts for the NS-YSQ18. These spare parts need to be ordered in advance and can take approximately 8-10 weeks to come in stock. Our prices for spare parts include shipping and the spare parts we supply can be found here.

Why don't you stock Zojirushi Induction Heating (IH) models?

We only stock Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cookers. We have no plans to sell Zojirushi Induction Heating models because the Zojirushi IH models for 220-240v power haven’t passed any CE safety tests (nor RoHS compliance) for use in the UK or Europe so they therefore cannot be legally supplied within the UK or Europe. Fuzzy logic models are quite straight forward and are manufactured in a specific way; Zojirushi do not release any kind of information about their rice cookers, so we cannot be sure the IH models are made in the usual way with usual components. With IH models there are a lot of additional CE Certification tests that have to be passed around the Electromagnetic Compatibility tests (as they are essentially magnetic coils that power the rice cooker), so it’s not as straight forward as fuzzy logic models.Zojirushi IH rice cookers are very expensive to purchase for us initially, so this would mean a really high price for customers that we just cannot justify. For a 5.5 cup Zojirushi IH model you’d be looking at a sale price of more than £450, for a 10 cup Zojirushi IH model it would be closer to £500. Once the majority of customers learn of they high price we’d have to charge for Zojirushi IH models (even if we could get them through the CE Certification), they have told us they would like IH models, but not at any price.The only IH model that is certified for use in the UK and Europe is our own branded Induction Heating rice cooker model, Bamboo. Bamboo UMAI Induction Heating rice cooker as it has similar functions to the YSQ10 and some superior features to this model as well